Best Dog Beds for Labs


Labradors are a magnificent breed. The best dog beds for labs ensures that they are treated as such.

Sleeping on the floor can be fine if you live in warm climate weathers. Or, you own a small dog breed. For larger breeds, giving them a cushion from the hard floor surface helps keep them from getting aches later on in life.

It also gives them a place of their own. And something that will keep them warm when the temperature drops during rainy weather or the winter months.

Summary of Our Picks

Below is a quick list that shows you our top picks your labs’ sleeping arrangements. These beds are well suited for bigger dogs, and will work for other breeds of similar sizes. Many of the products below also offer a variety of sizes, so you can use them for your other dogs as well.

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Best Dog Beds for Labs Reviews

Happy Hounds Oscar Orthopedic Dog Bed, Large 36 by 48-Inch, Birch

The Happy Hounds Oscar Orthopaedic Bed has been specially designed to be comfortable for older dogs. It is made to provide the support that they need.

This dog bed can also be used for younger dogs that have arthritis or other joint problems.

This Happy Hounds product comes with a reversible design. This means that it will last much longer than other dog beds.

The bed is made from heavy duty microfiber fabric which is also water resistant. This feature is something you’ll appreciate when it comes to cleaning and removing the extra fur from it. The product can be reversed to a soft sherpa panel on the other side.

Its cover is removable and machine washable. And, when the cover needs to be reattached to the bed, you can easily get this done by using the zipper.

The Oscar Orthopedic Bed is quite big and is big in terms of size. In fact it is enough for two large dogs to sleep on at the same time.


Dog Bed King Pet Bed

This dog bed is available in 6 designs. These include burgundy, brown, navy blue and green. You also get to choose the size. This way you can get as close as possible to a surface that’s comfortable for your mutt.

All in all, there are 4 sizes available. The sizes range from the 20” bed to the bigger 42” bed. With full grown labs, you’ll probably want the biggest one at 42 inches. That way you pet doesn’t outgrown the bed.

The Dog Bed King Pet Bed is a cuddler style nest bed. It has a thick foam base. And, the interior fabric is very high quality. Together, these features makes it very comfortable for your dog.

The bed is designed to be very durable. This is important especially with the larger breeds due to the weight and force they can sometimes exert. Also, the sides are designed to stand up to a great deal of use without starting to bend or break.

The bed is large enough for more than one dog to sleep in it a time. The whole of the cover can be removed when it needs washing. And it is machine washable.

Many dog owners have reported that once they have purchased this bed, they no longer have problems with their dogs trying to sleep on the furniture, or in their bed.


Armarkat Pet Bed w/ Waterproof Lining

This Armarkat bed comes in 5 different shapes and designs. These include brown, sage green and burgundy & ivory. You also have a wider range of sizes available to you.

These range from the smallest at 23” long by 23” wide. And, they go all the way up to the 49” long by 35” wide bed.

In total, there are 8 different sizes available with the length intervals increases between 3 to 5 inches each size. And the width going up around 2 to 3 inches per size interval.

The biggest ones, which are more suited for Labradors are either the 49” x 35” bed or the slightly smaller 47” x 36”.

Do note that the 49” bed is 8” high whereas 47” bed is 4.5”, which is closer to how high the other sizes are.

The Armarkat Pet Bed comes with waterproof lining. It also has a skid free base. This way you can be sure that it will not move around when you dog is lying on it.

As well as being waterproof, it is made from a heavy duty canvas. This makes it very durable and able to withstand use and abuse. The fact that it is waterproof also means it is ideal for puppies who are not fully toilet trained yet.

The cover that accompanies the bed can easily be removed and replaced when it needs cleaning. All you need to do is detach and re-attach it to the bed using the zipper.

In order to ensure that your dog is as comfortable as possible, the bed is filled with 100% polyfill material and the cover is made from a soft plush.


Dogbed4less Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed for Small Medium to Extra Large Dog

If your dog is spoiled like ours and likes a good amount of space to themselves, this is a good choice.

Offering the biggest sizes of all, this one is for big doggies. It also works well for mutts who like to have extra space to move around or turn over.

Among the sizes that will suit your lab are those between 40 inches and 47” inches long. Though if your breed is slightly bigger, this Dogbed4less’ orthopedic dog bed also has a couple of options in the 55” length range. Of the 55 inch beds, one is 37” wide and another at a very spacious 47” wide.

Compared to some of the other products in our reviews here, this memory foam dog bed is offered in slightly narrower sizes, except for the 40”, which has a 35” width, and the two 55” sized beds at 37 inches and 47 inches.

This DogBed4Less Memory Foam Bed is ideal for medium and larger sized dogs. This is thanks to the different sizes available.

It comes with high density memory foam that makes up the inside of the bed. This helps keeps your dog comfortable. And, it gives them support in the areas where it is needed. It is perfect for older dogs, or those that suffer with joint pain or arthritis.

The memory foam also helps the bed to retain its shape and prevents it from becoming flattened over time. The bed comes with two covers so that one can be used while the other is being washed. This additional cover is provided at no extra charge.

The bed is easy for dogs to rise up from and can also help improve their overall mobility.