Best Dip Belt for Pull Ups and Dips

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To work your upper body and build a strong chest, arms and shoulders, the best dip belt lets you add resistance to your workouts when training with your own body weight just isn’t challenging enough anymore.

The dipping belt serves multiple purposes depending on the type of belt you get. It allows you to do pull ups as well to balance out your pushing muscles with the best upper body pulling exercise. This way you get an equally strong back and build your biceps as well.

Below we review a number of different dip belts that we feel at the best in their class. They range from the more conventional ones to those that are very unique not only in design but also use.

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Compilation of the dip belts that will let you load more weight for your training


Harbinger Polypro Dip Belt

Constructed with polypropylene, this belt is made to be durable and sturdy even when used with heavy weights. It comes with a sufficiently long 30 inch chain and clip to lock the weights securely.

There are a number of users who have complained about the length of the chain, saying that it is short. This may be because they still loop the chain around the D-ring which effectively shortens its length. Without the extra loop the chain offers a good amount of length that fits 3 45 lb. plates without issue.

Designed for adding weight when you do pull ups and dips, it can also be used for hip belt squats and calf raises. The belt has a wide midsection that fits well against the back and the waist. This allows it to be comfortable even you you have more than one 45 lb. weight plate attached to it.

One of the things we did notice about the belt is that the carabiner could have been better. It is probably the only issue, we have with it. But even when loaded with heavy weight, it looks to be holding up well.

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Spud Inc Dip Belt

Uniquely designed for strength and comfort, the Spud Dip Belt does not use leather or any of the harder materials that can be bothersome on the hips and waist when the belt is loaded with weights.

Instead, it uses durable webbing that is designed to withstand heavy weights and usage. This allows you do to perform pull ups and dips, add a lot of weight and still feel comfortable doing so.

One of the biggest advantage of this bright yellow colored dip belt over many lesser quality products is that it has a long chain. Measuring 35 inches from each end of the rings, it lets you have a lot of room to add extra plates.

You can insert 3 45-lb. plates into it and still have extra room in the chain. The hook is likewise very sturdy and will stay clipped in position even when you’ve loaded the belt with a lot of weight.

For back support,it uses a 10 inch by 6 inch pad that keeps the belt and weights very steady as you do your lifts.

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Brute Belt

As unique as the Spud belt is, the Brute Belt tops it in terms of being distinctive. This belt is designed very differently and uses non-conventional material.

The good news is the changes it makes to the traditional dip belt design makes it more versatile and comfortable to use.

Constructed with military grade materials, it is designed to withstand a lot of weight and is built for strength. The irony is that despite being very durable and strong it is also a lot softer on body that most of the belts made with leather or other harder materials.

Another thing that makes the Brute Belt different is where the weight hangs. Often dip belts use a chain where the weights are inserted and left to hang. The weight along with gravity pulls the belt down which puts pressure on the hip bones making your lifts uncomfortable.

To remedy that, the Brute Belt, replaced the fixed chain with a 40 inch nylon strap that can be adjusted. The straps are also located closer to the sides instead of the front of the belt making it more more comfortable to wear once the weights are on.

In total, this belt allows for up to 270 lbs. of weight, which is 6 45-lb. weight plates.

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IronMind De Rigueur Dipping Belt

The strongest and surprisingly most compact of all our best dip belt reviews is this offering from IronMind.

This is unique in that it uses very soft nylon material that will make you wonder if it can hold any weight at all. The nylon belt is so soft you can roll it up and put it in your gym bag or any large pocket. Though it doesn’t fit in a pant pocket because of the width.

Thanks to the material used, it is very soft and very comfortable to use. The soft, comfortable side of the belt will be placed against the lower back while the side with the ballistic nylon is on the outside. It also uses a strong nylon strap to secure the belt, so you don’t have to deal with metal chains or clips.

Despite the soft material, this dipping belt is rated for 1,000 lbs. which gives it the highest capacity among our dipping belts in this review.

If you plan on loading a lot of weight on it, you may want to consider getting a carabiner to attach the belt to a weight loading pin. This way you can fit more plates with ease.

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Body Solid NB56 Nylon Dipping Belt

For something that’s inexpensive, this nylon dipping belt lets you add as much as 50 lbs. to your workouts. While it does allow less weight that the others above in our reviews here, it does offer soft comfort by using nylon material.

The belt is also unique in its design in that you do not wrap the chain around your waist when adding the weight. The belt already attaches both of its ends into a D-ring. So all you need to do clip the carabiner on the chain into the D-ring and add the extra weight through the chain. This makes less work of the fitting process.

This is a simple, comfortable dipping belt that’s inexpensive to get for your gym needs.

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