Best Countertop Grill for Steaks, Hamburgers and Other Meats

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For the days when you don’t want to fire up the outdoor grill but still want to cook like a grill master, the best countertop grill lets you enjoy hamburgers, steaks, chicken and fish indoors.

Unlike most grills which run on propane gas or charcoal, these units are electric grills which means they need to be plugged into the wall socket. They are likewise smaller and much easier to clean after you’re done cooking.

Counter top grills are great in that you can cook with them in the kitchen or bring in to the dining table where everyone can cook their own meals if they wanted to.

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Compilation of counter top grills you can use to cook steaks and hamburgers indoors


Best Countertop Grill Reviews

Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler

Our top pick goes to this multi-functional table grill that can be used in 5 different ways. You can use it as a:

  • full grill
  • full griddle
  • contact grill
  • panini press
  • half grill and half griddle

This compact kitchen grill is able to do this because of the removable grill and griddle plates.

Designed as a contact grill, it comes with detachable grill plates and griddle plates that you can insert and lock over each side of the griddler. This lets you use different cooking surfaces with one device.

The plates are non-stick and made for teflon making it easy to cook on without food sticking on the surface.

You can use grill plates of both sides if you want to cook burgers, steaks and chicken. The ridges on the plates help keep the oil drippings away from the food. For pancakes and eggs you can just switch in the griddle plates for a flatter surface.

For breakfast, you can use one grill and one griddle to cook bacon on one side and eggs on the other. If you want to be able to make waffles, you can purchase the optional waffle plates.

The unit comes with 3 controls, with the left knob to control the griddle temperature and the right knob for the heat levels of the grill and panini press. The middle selector allow you to switch between the right and left controls.

In total with both sides laid out, you get a full cooking area of 200 sq. inches.

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George Foreman GRP1060B 4 Serving Removable Plate Grill, Black

Named after the famed and lovable heavyweight boxing champion, the George Foreman GRP1060B is an affordable, indoor grill that lets you cook meals quickly.

This unit is designed for 4 servings but the portion size really depends on how big your servings are. To get a better idea you can fit 3 quarter pound burger patties in it or a couple of third pound patties and get nice juicy, succulent burgers in around 10 minutes.

The grill measures 6+ inches by 9+ inches giving you 60 square inches of grilling area. It comes with a removable non-stick cooking surface that is dishwasher safe. You can likewise easily clean it by hand.

Like other George Foreman grills it comes with a sloped design. This allows the drippings to slide away from the food and into a drip tray during cooking so that you don’t end up with greasy food. Plus, it’s much healthier that way.

Overall, value for money is a great compact unit that helps make quick meals.

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Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill

For grill nights when you don’t want to fire up the outdoor grill, this indoor electric grill lets you get you steaks, chicken and fish right on your counter top.

The unit comes in a rectangular shape the gives you a 12 inch by 6 inch cooking area. The grill grates are on top of the unit while a drip tray catches the drippings underneath. The unit weighs less than 11 pounds making it easy to carry around.

One nice features is a detachable thermostat control. The controls let you turn up or lower the heat of the grill by turning the knob. Once you’re done cooking your can remove it to get it out of the way making the device easier to move and clean.

The Perfecto indoor grill also comes with a glass lid that lets you cover the food while it cooks. This lets you reduce the smoke when cooking or let the food steam a bit.

Once you’re done with the grill, all you need to do is remove the drip tray to empty and clean it. The grill plate likewise detaches from the unit making it simpler to clean in the sink or dishwasher. Just make sure that you have removed the temperature controller beforehand, since that component is electrical and cannot get wet.

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MaxiMatic EGL-3450 Elite Cuisine 13-Inch Countertop Non-Stick Grill, Black

Similar in design to the Delonghi BG24 but with a slightly bigger cooking capacity, the MaxiMatic EGL-3450 is the next item in our best countertop grill reviews.

This unit boasts of a 13 inch by 9.5 inch grilling surface that is made to be non-stick. This gives it close to 125 sq. inches of space to cook on at once. The larger area lets you put all the meats and veggies in at once and not have to do 2 or 3 rounds of cooking to get everything done.

You can cook 2 steaks alongside 3 to 4 burgers at the same time on the grill, making it a lightweight inexpensive alternative to the larger costlier outdoor propane gas or charcoal grills.

The grill is designed to serve 4 people at one cooking and lets you turn up the heat to as high as 445 °F or cook slowly at lower temperatures. The heat is controlled with a temperature controller switch that can be detached from the unit, much like that of the Delonghi grill above.

One difference it does have with the Delonghi unit is that it does not come with a lid.

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George Foreman GR144 144-Square-Inch Nonstick Family-Size Grill, Silver

Closing out our best counter top grill reviews is the biggest in terms of cooking area. The George Foreman GR144 has the design of a contract grill or panini press that allows you to close the lid over your food for faster cooking.

The unit offers a large 144 sq. inch grilling area that makes it comparable in size to some of the outdoor grills and portable grilling devices, with the advantage of it being more compact.

The grill is positioned in a slant allowing for any drippings to roll away from the food and into a drip tray positioned in the front of the device.

Able to cook 4 good sized steaks at one time, this electric grill lets you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying food with friends and family.

Unlike some the temperature controlled grills above, this George Foreman countertop grill doesn’t have heat controls. Instead, it turns on the moment you plug it in. This means that you’ll need to be aware of cooking time.

You can likewise cook with the top open so you can see how the food is progressing. This also lets you cook at lower temperatures that is ideal for certain types of food and cooking methods.

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Best Indoor Grills for Steaks

George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill

This unit can be used as an indoor or an outdoor grill as it comes with a detachable stand. The stand gives you a compact standalone grill you can use for patio or porch grilling.

On the other hand, removing the stand lets you put the unit down on a table or counter top to cook steaks, chicken, pork chops or hamburgers.

This is a good sized unit offers 240 square inches to cook on. Its high curved dome lid comes with steam vent for temperature control. The high clearance of the lid also lets you roast whole birds if you’d like to.

One of the best features of this indoor and outdoor grill is its ability to cook very quickly and evenly. The non-stick, removable grill plates make it easy to cook on and also simpler to clean.

Cooking steaks with this unit really comes down to plugging it in, letting it preheat and then putting down the meat on the grill surface.

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George Foreman GR2121P 8-Serving Classic Plate Grill with Variable Temperature

For busy individuals who want to be able to get their meals quick this George Foreman offering lets you have your steaks and burgers in around 10 minutes or slightly less than that, depending on the side and thickness of your cuts.

This is an ideal indoor grilling option for small to medium sized families as it offers a 121 square inch cooking area. The grill surface is sloped down which lets the drippings and grease drain down into a trough. This leaves you with healthier food and an easier time cleaning afterward.

Like other George Foreman grills the temperature and heat is set and the unit starts cooking once you plug it in.

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Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill

Built to help keep the smoke to a minimum, this electric grill is well suited for indoor cooking specially if you live in a apartment or don’t like to have smoke cover your entire kitchen when you cook.

The heating element on this unit is embedded in the grill so the drippings don’t get to them. This reduces the amount of smoke that is produced.

Equipped with a removable tray that makes it easy to clean, this griller is similar to the Delonghi model above in our reviews in that it allows you to control the temperature exactly how you like it. The adjustable thermostat control offers variable heat levels and can be detached from the grill to make cleaning the grill easier.

The components that need to cleaned can also be disassembled.

The EB-CC15 uses a non-stick grilling area that’s 12.5 inches long by 9.25 inches wide giving you room to cook between 2 to 6 at the same time, depending on the size of your cuts and how much you’re willing to squeeze them all in there.

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Best Non-Electric Indoor Grills for Steaks (Grill Pans)

Lodge L8SGP3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Square Grill Pan, 10.5-inch

For something that you can use right over the stove top or fire, the grill pan lets you cook steaks with complete control. It does take more effort since you just don’t leave the steaks in the griller but you can season it during the cooking, baste it or control how much or little fire you want it to get.

These are among the cheapest grills and ones our parents and grandparents used.

The Lodge L8SGP3 is a 10.5 inch unit that’s made of cast iron and has been pre-seasoned. It is great for holding heat and can be used at home when cooking steaks and burgers or brought out with you on a road trip or when camping.

For seasoned cooks who want their steaks cooked specifically to their preferences, nothing beats the old fashioned grill pan.

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Lodge LPGI3 Cast-Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle, 20-inch x 10.44-inch

Another non-electric grill alternative is this flat top grill and griddle. This is a dual sided unit that offers a grill with ridges on one side to let all the grease and drippings move away from the meat, and another smooth flat griddle side for pancakes, bacon and eggs.

This has a larger cooking area compared to the hand held grill pan above, measuring 20 inches by 10.4 inches. The cooking area is 19.25 inches by 8.5 inches with the extra space on the edges left for the grease gutter.

This is another grilling device that can be used on the stove top or camp fire should you decide to bring on your trip.

Very simple to use, inexpensive and lets you grill a lot of steaks at once.

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