Best Compact Elliptical: Small Footprint Cardio Trainer

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The truth is, majority of the cardio exercise machines take up a lot of space. And while they don’t look like they do in commercial gyms, they can eat up a lot of real estate at home. The best compact elliptical trainer is a good way to get be able to workout at home but not have something so big and bothersome around the house.

One thing to understand though, is like treadmills, the smaller an elliptical machines gets with its physical size and footprint, the smaller the stride length gets. This means the more space you try to save the shorter the strides the machine can offer.

That said, small elliptical trainers are much cheaper than the bigger ones so you do save of cash and still have a great way to burn calories whenever you want at home.

These are our top picks when it comes to compact elliptical machines.

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Compilation of the small elliptical machines that don’t take up a lot of room


Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

The smallest of our best compact elliptical devices, this one lets you workout both standing up as well as sitting down. The low profile of the machine as well as the elliptical striding motion allows you to use it under your desk while you work or use your laptop.

The unit is constructed with durable steel and comes with good sized pedals that have non-slip footing. They also let you go forward as well as back as the mechanism allows for dual direction movement.

Made to help you with cardiovascular fitness it also works to tone lower body muscles. When using it in the forward direction, you work your quads and calves, on the reverse direction it helps tones the butt as well as hamstrings.

Built to handle user weight capacities of up to 250 lbs. you can use it while watching TV seated or while standing up which also helps you develop overall balance.

Very portable it is lightweight and among the most effective machines for losing weight because you can use it while doing something else.

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Stamina InMotion Compact Strider with Upper Body Cords

Slightly bigger than the first unit, this device measures 24 inches long, and 18 inches wide making it another very compact elliptical. Like the unit above this device only consists of the elliptical’s chassis section and not the entire unit.

This makes it is much smaller in size and something you can easily bring from one place to another. Where the device differs from the one above is that it comes with detachable resistance tubing that you can use to work on your arms. This gives you a full body workout that helps burn more calories.

Another difference is the set up. The drive system of this device uses a combination of the internal mechanism as well as rolling wheels on the front. This offers a bit more in terms of guidance since the wheels move is a fixed forward and backward direction.

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Exerpeutic Aero Air Ellipticals

Should you be more interested in the full sized compact elliptical machines, then among the smallest of them is the Exerpeutic Aero Air. With a footprint of 33” long by 19” wide, it can fit in a small corner of your room or home gym. Plus, it weighs 51 pounds making it easy to move should you need to. Rollers at the bottom of the device also make this process easier.

Equipped with dual moving arms that are synchronized with the foot pedal movements you can work both your arms and legs at the same time with this machine.

One thing of note is that as a compromise to the short 33 inch length, this elliptical trainer doesn’t offer that big a stride length much like the huge, high end units. But you probably are already aware of that.

Simple to use, it also includes an adjustable tension knob that allows you to change the level or resistance manually.

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Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Dual Trainer with Seat

With very similar dimension in terms of footprint, 36” by 20”, the BRD200 is a lot higher off the floor being 57.5 inches tall. This device has a 13 inch stride length, comes with a DVD that contains a workout and is capable of a maximum user weight of 250 lbs.

While similar in most aspects with the Exerpeutic elliptical above, its one major difference, aside from the slightly larger frame is its addition of an adjustable seat. The seat allows you to use this home exercise equipment both as an elliptical trainer and an exercise bike.

The unit also offers a number of adjustable features including the ability to lower the handlebars if you wish, as well as being able to adjust the seat both vertically and horizontally for comfort. It also comes with a manual tension adjustment to make it easier or harder.

The machine works well to give you a good sweat and increase your heart rate. It is also easy to put together. Do note however, that while the bike portion is very smooth to use, the elliptical portion isn’t as smooth or elliptical as those you’ve used in the gym or the bigger units. The shorter strides make it less smooth and less elliptical in shape.

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Confidence Pro Model 2-in-1 Elliptical Cross Trainer & Exercise Bike

If you’re a taller individual who wants to be able to save on space at home, this is the top option if you’re considering a compact elliptical trainer.

At 45.5 inches long and 57 inches high on the top of the handlebars it offers more leg room and goes higher so you can hold your hands straight forward when using the moving arms. The device is also wider on the sides at 23.4 inches so there is more space while seated.

You can move both forward and backward and track some of your workout statistics using the large sized digital LCD screen. The unit also comes equipped with dual handlebars, one for monitoring your heart rate using the grip sensors and the main handles for working our your arms.

Inexpensive and compact, it offers 2 exercise machines in one, with the stationary bike feature to combine with the elliptical trainer. This lets you switch between different types of training to burn more calories as well as keep things interesting.

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