Home Cardio: Best Cheap Treadmill to Burn Unwanted Calories

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Big cardio machines are not only bulky but expensive. Worry not though, the best cheap treadmill still offers anyone on a budget the ability to be able to burn calories at home whenever they want.

The items we’ve chosen below comprise of those that offer best value for the low cost. As we know as prices go down so does product quality. At least in most cases.

This is why we were more careful in finding the products at this price range.

Each of the treadmills below offer a good way to get or stay in shape. They also offer different features with some offering numerous workout programs while others are more basic.

So choosing will depend on your budget as well as which features you want to have.

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Compilation of low priced treadmills that will save you on cash


Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

Best Value for Money: This isn’t the cheapest of all treadmills though its still easily falls under the cheap category. For lower cost units, continue going through our reviews below as we cover those as well.

At this low cost price range we like the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 because it offers:

  • more running space
  • more features
  • cushioning
  • a better motor
  • built-in workout programs
  • digital adjust resistance levels

These are features that just aren’t available at its price range giving it a upper leg over other machines it this class.

This folding treadmill is fairly compact making it something that you can use if you want something that offers a balance between space saving and features. And while it isn’t as small as the others below or fold as compact as they do its features let you get in much better workouts.

Equipped with a 2.25 horsepower motor, it lets you switch speeds to as high as 10 miles per hour. The speed control is easily set and modified using the big number buttons on the control panel. The bigger 50 inch long by 16 inch long running area also offers more room to walk, jog or run.

In addition, it is also fitted with a cushioning system that lessens impact to the joints on each foot strike. This allows you to workout more consistently without feeling the wear and tear of running outside on the pavement.

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Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill

Small size and folds to flat: For something that’s cheaper and that takes up as less space, this electric treadmill is constructed on a slimmer frame that allows you to save on space in the home. This is one of the best treadmills for small spaces and rooms as it doesn’t have as large a footprint as most units.

More importantly, it folds down to complete flat unlike many of the bigger units which only go halfway to diagonal. Measuring 49 inches long and 24 inches from side to side, it has a small footprint that gets even smaller once folded.

Due to its pricing, this is a no frills unit. So you don’t get all the fancy push button settings and large digital LCD with all the graphics. In its place is a basic monitor that tracks the simple workout statistics including speed, time and distance. Unlike the Weslo above, it also does not come with any preset training programs.

Overall, this is a good low cost, compact unit that lets you walk and jog at home. You can do some running with it but due to the short and slightly narrower track it isn’t as effective as a running treadmill.

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Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill

For workout program variety: If you don’t like the monotony of just running or jogging in place and want a machine that offers a good variety of workouts this is a good low cost option. With 9 pre-programmed workout routines you can choose to do custom, heart rate or weight loss workouts with just a press of a button.

This unit comes with the best user console among our group with a large LCD screen with big numbers and a blue lighted background to make it easy to read even when its dark. It also comes with a similarly sized running deck as the Weslo unit above. Should you need to increase the difficulty level, you can switch between 3 different incline levels.

One extra feature that it adds are the side handlebars. This allows you to hold on to them when walking on the device or when you’re trying to change the settings on the console. You can also use them to make it easier to get on and off the ramp. This extra safety features makes is something that the others don’t include.

Simple to put together, the machine runs relatively quietly.

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Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill

Budget treadmill: Based solely on cost, this unit comes in at among the lowest prices around. It is as inexpensive as you get when it comes to home treadmills.

Do note that this is a manual treadmill, so unlike those above in our reviews, it does not come equipped with a motor. What this means is that the treadmill belt only moves as your feet move. The moment you stop walking or running, the belt stops too.

This style of treadmill allows you to burn more calories as you have to work more muscles and put more effort.

Since it has no motor, it is relatively quiet. You can however adjust the level of resistance as far as how difficult it is to move the belt. You can choose between 8 different levels. This lets you work more or less depending on what your routine specifies.

The unit measures 47 inches long and is 19 inches wide, making it fairly small in terms of footprint. It also folds to reduce this size when it isn’t being used.

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Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Electric Treadmill

For a machine that has a compact form but more features than the basic ones offered in the Confidence Power Plus, our best affordable treadmill reviews looks at the GTR Power Pro. This is built by the same manufacturer as the Power Plus so the frame style and user console has some similarities.

However, this is a step above the Power Pro as it offers a number of features that the 2 top items above offer. And compared to the Power Plus, the GTR Power Pro has these advantages:

  • 3 incline levels: It includes 3 incline adjustments for more workout options (the Power Plus doesn’t offer any),
  • Safety handles: It has additional side safety handles to hold on to when getting on or off as well as when working out.
  • Pulse sensors: The side handles are fitted with a pulse monitor so you can track your heart rate as you go.
  • Wider workout area: The GTR Power Pro has a wider and longer track, measuring 43.5” by 15.75″.
  • Stronger motor: the motor allows for higher speeds with a maximum speed of 7.5 miles per hour.
  • Includes training programs: this unit includes built-in workout programs so you don’t have to keep doing the same workout over and over. In total it offers 12.

Like the Power Plus, this unit also folds down to a much smaller package compared to the Weslo and Sunny Health & Fitness treadmills above.

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Exerpeutic TF1000 Walk to Fitness Electric Treadmill

Designed to help individuals stay active this is a walking treadmill that allows you to start slow and work your way up to brisk walking pace. It offers a high 400 lbs. use weight capacity and is fitted with a wide walking surface of 20 inches so you don’t have to worry about stepping off the sides.

It also comes with a number of safety features including extra long 18 inch side handles. These handles can work as guides to help you get started as you get used to walking on the machine and keeping your balance.

The motor also adjusts for speeds going from as low as 0.4 mph which is leisurely walking speed. The speed is also ideal for seniors to start with or those rehabbing from surgery or injury. The LCD console allows you to adjust the speed of the treadmill belt up to as fast as 4 mph. You can likewise increase or decrease the rate of belt using the arrow buttons on the side safety handles.

For convenience, the TF1000 folds up vertically allowing you to keep it stored away without taking up a lot of space.

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Having a budget does not mean that you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of a home treadmill. It does however mean you need to look harder for the hidden gems. The products we reviewed above offer both low cost and good quality so you can still get your workout without spending a lot of money.