Best Camping Lantern Reviews

One of the things that going outdoors poses is the lack of light when the sun goes down. This is part of the fun when camping or going out into the wilderness.

However, for safety purposes having the best camping lanterns around your campsite ensures that you can see where everyone and everything is. This lets you enjoy your trip more as you not only can cook, tell stories or read at night but no one also gets lost.

We reviewed the different types of lanterns for camping and came up with the products below which stood out for campers, hikers, trekkers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

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Compilation of lanterns that are rugged and carry bright illumination for outdoor use


Streamlight 44931 The Siege Lantern

Best Camping Lantern: Our top pick this is not only very versatile but also very durable. The device is built for the outdoors including impact resistance of up to 2 meters in case you drop it or it hits against something.

It is also waterproof. In case you do happen to drop it into a body of water, you’ll be happy to know that the sealed lid keeps the batter and light fixture safe. It is also designed to float in water so you can retrieve it and not be left without your lantern.

The device offers 3 main white light modes, these are:

  • Low: provides 33 lumens, and has a 290 hr. run time
  • Medium: provides 175 lumens, and has a 70 hr. run time
  • High: provides 340 lumens and has a 30 hr. run time.

Apart from these 3 illumination strengths and turning it off, there are a couple of other lighting options:

  • Red mode: this features a led LED light. This makes the transition easier for the eyes from dark to light instead of bright white light. You can also use this in your tent.
    Flashing Mode (Red light): this is the S.O.S mode which presents itself in a blinking red light. This helps attract attention from fellow campers or other people around the area.

Aside from the powerful lighting you can use the device without the cap and hung overhead. This makes it an overhead lamp to light up an entire area. We also like that you can hold the lamp by hand, or hang it from the top hook or bottom hook.

Finally, the on/off switch also works as a battery power indicator as it turns from green to yellow to red as the power runs out.

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Divine LEDs Ultra Bright LED Lantern


Cheap Camping Lantern: Campers who are looking for a cheap and compact device can get a hold of this. This device has the unique feature of being collapsible. By that the lamp section of the lantern can be collapsed into the body of the device.

This reduces the size of the device for when you aren’t using it.

The unit is cylindrical in shape and has a 3.55 inch diameter. And depending on what it’s physical set up is, it measures:

  • Lantern with handles down: 7.3 inches tall
  • Lantern with handles up: 10 inches tall
  • Lantern folded in: 4.9 inches tall

While compact it offers excellent illumination, and is a much better option than any flashlight around. We can’t count exactly how many LEDs there are but according to the manufacturer there are 30 LEDs there, which does allow it to offer a good amount of lighting.

Note that the device does not have an on/off switch. It automatically turns on when you pull the lamp out and shuts off when you push the lamp back in.

Very inexpensive, offers good lighting, lightweight and compact this is a very practical additional to your camping equipment list. Or even for home use if you want.

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Rayovac SE3DLNACOM Sportsman 240 Lantern

Offered in green, blue and orange colors, this is lightweight camping lantern that offers a high amount of illumination. It uses 3 D-cell batteries that insert at the bottom of the device.

At its high setting, it produces 240 lumens which is plenty bright for the campsite. You can also set it to the low setting to make it more economical. This helps the battery last longer.

If left at high, the LEDs will be able to give you as much as 40 hours of runtime with 1 set of batteries. This more than doubles to 90 hours when using the low light setting.

We like that the device is waterproof and comes with a full lifetime warranty. This lets you be sure that you’ll always have the product you purchased.

The unit is very similar to the Siege Lantern above, in that you can hang it upright or upside down. There are hooks on both ends making it easy to use it either way. You can likewise remove the cap to allow a brighter light radius.

This is another very rugged and compact device that’s designed for the outdoors. It measures 7.5” tall and has a square footprint measuring 3.5” by 3.5”.

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Coleman Northstar PerfectFlow Instastart Propane Lantern


Brightest Lantern: Those whose main criteria for lanterns is the amount of light it produces will be happy with this one. This is one of the brightest lantern you’ll ever get to use.

If you have a large group and don’t want to use multiple lamps to light up the camp, or have kids around you want to make sure can see everything this is your best bet.

The lamps is exceptionally bright. It runs up to 1,543 lumens at the high setting, which blows away all the others here on our list by 4x or 5x.

Do note that this is a propane lantern, and that it is also much bigger than the others. So it does make sense if you have space in your vehicle to brink it with you to camp.

Nevertheless we love the brightness as you get to see everything. This helps keep everybody safer after it gets dark. On low setting you can expect a little over 9 hours of runtime on one 16.4 oz. LP canister. At high, it runs just over 4 hours.

Glass protects the light and there’s also a metal guard around the glass for added protection. The unit is solidly built and comes with a hard plastic case for transport.

One thing to note about this device is that the ignitor works better when you set the gas at low. It takes around 2 clicks to get it started. Somehow, when you put the gas at high in the beginning it has a more difficult time lighting up. So placing it at low and igniting it, then turning it up seems to work the best.

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Supernova Ultra Bright LED Camping Lantern

Our pick is the smallest of the 3 available options from Supernova, the 300 lumen model. They do have a 350 lumen and 500 lumen options that use the same design and build but with just more LED lighting.

The unit uses a rugged exterior that makes it ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and fishing. The device runs on batteries with allows it to last for as long as 6 days.

This makes it practical for trips or treks where you’ll be away for a while. It also helps in case of emergencies as you know you won’t run out of light soon.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, it does not produce any heat making it something you can carry near you at all times. There’s also no need to worry about having to replace the LEDs as they’re rated to run for 100,000 hours.

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Stay Safe and Have Fun

Camping and spending time outdoors is always meant to be fun and for recreation. But before focusing on the fun part, safety and preparedness are always paramount so all members of the group are always in good shape. Having bright and reliable camping lanterns are always a must and essential for any camping trip.