Best Brew Kettle & Pot for Making Beer


Beer is something everyone enjoys. With the best brew kettle, you not only can make your own beer anytime, you can also concoct your own brew.

This gives you the freedom to experiment with different ingredients to get the flavor you want. Plus, you can share your creations with friends and people who also enjoy the beverage.

Our Top Choices

Below is a list of the best products you can use to create your own beer at home. They’re all designed to hold the liquid and cook it to the proper temperature. For extra good measure, we’ve also included reviews further down the article to give you more details on the brewing kettles.

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Best Brew Kettle & Pot Reviews

Bayou Classic 1064 Stainless 16-Gallon Stockpot with Spigot and Vented Lid

If you’re looking for a multipurpose pot that can be used for making beer, as well as cooking stock and stews, this is a good option.

The Bayou Classic 1064 Stockpot remains among the best beer brewing kettles to buy today. It is ideal when brewing beer for many people because it can hold 16 gallons at any time during brewing.

That gives you a large amount of brew to make in one batch.

Doing so lets you fill up, store or give away beer. It also lets you prepare a nice batch for picnics, barbecues or outing.

The device comes with side calibration marks to show the remaining amount of beer in gallons. This way you know when it is time to add more and make a new batch, in case it diminishes.

For easy and quick service, it is installed with stainless steel ball valve. This measure 12 inches for quick pouring. The spigot lets you easily turn the flow of liquid on or off.

The stock pot’s manufacturers have also installed a vented lid that preserves the beer inside. This lid also serves to prevent spilling. The side indentation feature on this kettle meanwhile gives firm support to the steamer trays, which are sold separately.

This brewing kettle is made of thin stainless steel metal. This material makes it makes it light in weight. It also allows it to heat evenly. Plus, it helps prevent rusting as well.

Finally, the heat shield included with the unit helps to protect the spigot and prevent it from getting damaged.


Bayou Classic 10 Gallon Stainless Steel 6 piece Brew Kettle Set

If you’re looking for a kit that’s specially make for brewing this is a better choice. The set is a brew kettle kit unlike the product above in our reviews.

That one is a stock pot that has all the components you can use for brewing beer.

This offering, also from Bayou Classic, is a complete brewing kit. It is designed in order to allow all grain brewing of up to 10 gallons per session. Altogether, you get 6 components that let you make your own beer at home.

The kettle is made of stainless steel. This material not only makes the kettle look beautiful from the outside. But, it also make it last longer.

The unit comes with a tri-ply bottom. This reduces the possibility of grain and particles entering the spigot chambers. Also, the stainless steel valve Spigot makes it easy to pour the beer in your cup and close it when your cup, pitcher or bottle is full.

An added feature of this stainless steel beer brewing kettle is the 3 inch side mounted brew Thermometer that comes with it. The thermometer comes with a gauge that measures temperatures ranging from 60 to 220 degrees.

A tube-shaped filter screen meanwhile allow for good brewing, as it can be checked any time.

The device is easy to put together. And it takes a short time to do so. To attach the spigots and thermometer, the set comes with the proper tools. They are designed with buckhead fittings to make them fit together easily.

As with most of the products in our reviews here, this one comes with side calibrations. The level markers help you measure the beer remaining inside. It also makes measuring the amounts when brewing much easier. These marker levels read from the inside of the kettle.

To reduce boil over, the kettle comes with a narrow diameter. And high side walls also work to stop boil overs.


Bayou Classic 800-416 16 Gallon Stainless Steel 6 Piece Brew Kettle

If you like the brew kettle set features just above in our reviews, but want a bigger pot so you need to cook up fewer batches, this is a more practical choice.

The Bayou Classic 800-416 looks like the Bayou Classic 10 just reviewed. However, one major difference is that this one comes with a 16 gallon capacity.

The device, like the Bayou Classic 10 kettle, is ideal for all grain beer brewing.

You likewise get side calibrations that help you in measuring the number of gallons in it. And, you can easily read the measurement marks from the inside of the unit. This makes it easy to read water and beer levels.

This brew kettle is also fitted with tri-ply bottom. Thanks to this, it allows even heating. And it helps in preventing scorching when in use.

The kettle is designed with stainless steel to make it look good on the outside, resist rust and be durable. The unit’s high side walls and narrow diameter reduce the chances of the liquid from boiling over as well.

This Bayou Classic brew kettle is designed with a false bottom. This that fits well on side indentation to prevent particles and grain entering the kettle. Meanwhile, you also get the benefit of a stainless steel spigot. The spigot works as a low flow faucet where which allows easy pouring of the beer whenever you want to get a drink.

Finally, a side thermometer shows the heat when brewing.


Bayou Classic 1044 44-Quart Stainless-Steel Stockpot

Just to make a clear comparison between the products in our reviews, 44 quarts comes out to around 11 gallons. So, this is slightly bigger than the Bayou Classic 10 featured above.

This kettle is specifically made for outdoor beer brewing. But in some cases it is used for other jobs as well. Because this is a stockpot, you can use it for cooking, stewing, or boiling water.

As mentioned earlier, it holds 44 quarts. This size making it a better option for someone brewing more beer for his visitors.

It is designed with a 20 gauge stainless steel material. This helps it stay lightweight and look good at the same it. Also, the steel makes it resist corrosion and rust.

To prevent burns during brewing, it is fitted with side handles. This feature makes transportation and handling easier even when the pot’s body is still hot to the touch.

The vented cover lid meanwhile, makes it an ideal kettle for brewing home beer. This lets some of the steam out so pressure doesn’t get pent up inside. And the lid keeps the liquid from flowing over.

The material used in this pot’s construction also allows for even distribution of heat while brewing. This way you don’t get cold or warm spots. There is also a steaming rim that can be used with the steaming basket that’s sold separately.