Best Body Pillow for Side Sleepers

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Sleeping on your side has its advantages as well as disadvantages. While it is comfortable on many levels, having the right type of pillow can make sure that your spine stays in a neutral alignment so that you don’t wake up with aches or pains.

The best body pillow for side sleepers is a good way to not only get a comfortable rest overnight, it also offers the right support for the neck, back, knees and hips so none of these areas experience any pressure that can lead to soreness or pain.

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Selection of body pillows designed to give comfort to side sleepers

Below we’ve researched and picked out the side sleeper body pillows that will help you get better quality sleep.

Here they are…


Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, White

Best Body Pillow for Side Sleepers: While this pillow was originally designed as a pregnancy pillow, it can be used by non-expectant side sleepers. This is our top pick as far as side sleeper body pillows go.

The C-shape design is perfect for those who like sleeping on their sides as it covers you entire person. The length of the pillow gives you support from your head all the way down to your feet. This helps you stay in the right position when you sleep so wake up refreshed, instead of having aches and pains.

We like the comfortable feel of this pillow, but more importantly it supports the different areas that are essential when you’re sleeping on your side.

The top curve helps keep your head propped up while the midsection of the pillow supports your back as well as your hips. The bottom curve meanwhile, gives support to your knees.

Because of this you are able to sleep with your spine aligned with your hips and knees. This position is ideal as it prevents backaches in the morning, which is also a reason the pillow helps those with back pains.

The Leachco Snoogle is offered in 4 colors so you can select the one you like. It also comes with a one-piece cover that’s washable.

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Pinzon Basics Body Pillow with Cover

Straight Body Pillow: If you prefer something that’s more traditional, this Pinzon Basics pillow offers a long straight body pillow that you can rest or hug when you sleep on your side.

In its form, it doesn’t have the curved top and bottom that the Leachco pillows have. This means that you’ll either need rest your head on it or use another pillow under to support your head.

The entire pillow measures 54” long and is 20” wide. This gives a good enough length to support both your upper torso as well as the legs.

The pillow lets you curl up against it in front or use it for extra support on your back. It is comfortable enough because it follows the natural contours of our body, yet provides support to the spine, hips and knees for side sleepers.

This body pillow uses a hypoallergenic down alternative polyester fiber fill. Its cover is made using 100% cotton with a 230 thread count.

If you’ve been sleeping on your side because of back pain, this will really help.

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EZ Dreams Body Pillow, White

Among our best side sleeper body pillow reviews, this comes in with the lowest price tag at just over $20. This offers excellent value as it helps you get a good night’s sleep. This way you wake up refreshed in the morning without any aches or pains.

This EZ Dreams body pillow has a firmness that’s around medium to firm. This gives it the ability to be comfortable because you can snuggle against it, but more importantly offers support.

The polyester fill makes this a good choice for those who have hip joint pain, shoulder or neck issues, as it helps keep your entire body aligned when you sleep to the side.

The pillow has the same dimensions as the Pinzon Basics above measuring 54” in length and 20” in width.

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Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper

Compact Body Pillow: While compact and body pillow aren’t really meant to be put in one phrase, this is a product that does so. Made by the same manufacturer that created the Snoogle Total Body Pillow above, this is another pregnancy pillow that helps side sleepers.

The Snoogle Mini, as its name hints, is a smaller version of the body pillows designed by Leachco. It has curves, although in different shapes to the Snoogle above. The smaller size makes it easier to bring around with you in case you travel or need to spend the night away from home.

Like the Snoogle, it is designed to offer comfort as well as provide relief. It mainly supports legs, back and stomach regions, but depending on how you use it helps give your body proper alignment during sleep.

Due to its size, you can use it for:

  • Your head and upper torso: supporting your head, shoulders back and hips.
  • Your torso and legs: supporting your shoulders, spine, hips and knees. In this scenario however, you’ll need to get another side sleeper pillow for your head.

In either position what it does is provide ample support so that your spine stays in the neutral position while you’re on your side. This helps provide, back pain relief as well as helps with hip joint pain.

As with the other body pillows, it can be used in different positions depending on where you need the support.

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Body pillows aren’t the norm when it comes to bed pillows. However if you sleep on your side and require support for your hips, back, shoulders or neck, then going with this type of product can make a big difference in your sleep quality.