Best Beach Cart: Have Fun in the Sun

Best Beach Cart Reviews

The next time you spend an afternoon at the beach with family or friends, don’t forget to bring the best beach cart with you.

This useful device will let you carry all your items and belongings to you spot in the sand without having to make many trips or overloading yourself with things to carry.

When choosing the products in our reviews below, we not only considered the carrying capacity of each item but also the folding ability as well as how their wheels deal with both the pavement and the sandy surface.

This way you’ll be able to enjoy the afternoon at the beach better.

Our Top Choices to Bring to the Beach

These are the top products to consider. They’re the best performers from numerous beach carts we’ve reviewed. For more information on each, we’ve included reviews below the list.

If our top picks didn’t suit your needs, consider more options,

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Best Beach Cart Reviews

Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart

Best Beach Cart: This is a high capacity cart that will let you carry all your stuff to the beach in one go. This gets rid of having to go back and forth or carrying umbrellas and chairs by hand.

This is a foldable unit so it collapses to a much smaller form to fit into your car or store away. When fully pulled up, it measures 41” long, is 24.5” wide and 32” tall.

It comes equipped with solid wheels that are durable as well as all-terrain ready. This makes it get through different types of sand easily. This helps get rid of the difficult pushing or pulling as well as getting stuck in the sand.

The 10” tread wheels on the rear are thick and making it easy to push even when you have a lot of things placed in or on the cart.

The well-built frame along with the solid wheels allow for as much as 100 lbs. in weight to be carried by the unit. The handle on is designed to feel like that of a baby stroller so navigation and pushing is easy.

This cart has a steel frame while the fabric that holds the items in place is made from mesh material. The mesh makes drying much easier.

Included is a removable tote bag. This attaches to the back of the cart. An umbrella hold is also present on the side of the unit.


Seina Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon

Utility Cart: If you prefer pulling instead of pushing, or like being able to have your items lined up instead of piled up, this is a good choice.

This is a foldable utility wagon that comes with large all-terrain wheels. The 4 wheels are made of 7” rubber that let you go through sand as well as pavement. This makes them roll through the beach without getting stuck.

The design of this cart offers more space for your belongings to be laid out. It also can take more weight with a maximum capacity of 150 lbs.

The device measures:

  • When open (fully set up cart): 32.7” long by 19.7” wide, and 20” tall.
  • When folded: 29.5” long by 19.7” wide and 6.9” high.

What makes this device able to fold is the frame as well as the fabric. The borders of the cart aren’t made of metal but of high strength polyester which lets you fold it up when not being used.


Mac Sports Foldable Beachcomber Wagon

Those who like the utility cart design but want something with a big more height on the sides so you can stack more things on the compartment may like this Beachcomber Wagon from Mac Sports.

This is a more rugged unit with larger, thicker wheels. This gives you the ability to get through even soft, deep sand.

As with the utility cart above, this has a 150 lb. weight capacity. However, the manufacturer notes that you will want to limit the weight to 50 lbs. when going on deep sand to prevent it from sinking and getting stuck.

The wide wheels are designed for beach sand, though they work in various terrains making the product useful for yard use as well as for camping or outdoor events.

Except for the higher edges, this is very similar to the Seina wagon above. It has a steel frame and uses a durable 600D polyester fabric. This allows it to fold up when you’re not using it for convenience.

The device has the following dimensions:

  • When fully opened (ready for use): 36” long by 21.4” wide. It stands 24.6” high.
  • When folded: 31.5” long by 21.4” wide, and 9.6” high.

The wheels and larger build make this a bit heavier than the previous unit weighing 22 lbs. without any items on it.


Tommy Bahama All Terrain Beach Cart

This is an alternative option to the Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler above. It has the same vertical design that lets you store items on the mesh compartment as well as keep beach chairs on the front.

The entire devices weighs just 13 lbs. and can be folded down to save on space.

When fully set up it holds up to 100 lbs. in weight. This includes the 15 cu. ft. of area in the compartment, along with extra area to place 4 beach chairs on it. The compartment allows you to store ice coolers as big as 48 quarts in size.

The device includes a tote bag that’s attached to the back of the unit. The bag can likewise be removed when needed.

This is a good option for rolling through the beach thanks to the large and thick rear wheels. It also saves you from having to rent an umbrella or beach chairs.



The best beach cart lets you carry everything from your ice cooler to beach chairs and umbrellas. This way you can stuff everything in the cart and push it easily to wherever you want to stay. It definitely beats having to carry all the stuff by hand.