Best Balance Board: For Agility and Injury Rehabilitation

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Balance and coordination are very important in life. They help us prevent falls and for athletes give them an edge to perform better than their competition. The best balance board and wobble board products are some of the most useful tools anyone can use to improve their health, balance and overall movement.

Whether it is for fun, improving your health, getting better for sports or rehabilitation from injury balance boards are a great way to improve coordination and train our stabilizer muscles so our bodies work better, perform better and avoid injuries.

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Compilation of balance boards for rehabbing as well as improving performance

Below we take a look at 2 very popular types of boards for balancing, wobble boards and balance boards. Our reviews below list down the best products for each.

  • Wobble boards: are set on a circular shaped platform with a balance point underneath, which is usually in the shape of a half sphere. The balance point makes it tip to any of the ends of the circle and it your job to stay centered.

Wobble boards are better for beginners and those rehabbing from injury as they move slower and offer lower angles of steepness. This makes it easier to learn to balance on them.

  • Balance boards: are shaped like skateboards, where you have a long rectangular board with rounded edges. Often used for improving balance for sports performance like surfing and skateboarding, these boards are used with a large roller.

The board is set over the roller and you try to balance the board sideways with the roller under the deck. The roller’s size makes the angle’s steepness higher than in wobble boards which make it more difficult to use.

The firm construction of the roller also makes this a move much faster if you aren’t adept at controlling the board by shifting your weight properly. The difficulty level makes this more challenging to use.


Best Wobble Boards

Isokinetics Deluxe Balance Board

Simple, inexpensive and easy to use, this wobble board can be used for fun, exercising your feet, toes and ankles to develop strength, or for building balance among your muscles. This device is a health and fitness product that you can use for prehab in order to prevent injuries before they happen, or for rehabilitation purposes after an injury.

This device is made from durable polyethylene so it can handle the user’s weight. It measures 16.5 inches in diameter which puts it around the mid-size. You can adjust the angle of the board by attaching the blue adapter that comes with the device.

Without the adapter it is lower to the ground giving you a 10 degree angle to balance with. With the blue cap in place it increases the difficulty thanks to the 15 degree angle. This is a fairly good unit to start with because the balance point isn’t too rounded and closer to flat in its curvature. This also makes it a good option when beginning your rehab.

The goal of the board is the let you balance yourself on it in order to work your small stabilizer muscles. It also works to align and coordinate the different joints and muscles so they work together including the hips, knees, spine and neck.

When starting out you may want to use it near a post or wall where you can hold on to making it easier to start out as well as prevent any falls. This device’s versatility and its ease of use makes it the best balance board for beginners.

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j/fit 16″ Round Fixed Angle Balance Board

Those who have more balance and have experience with wobble and balance boards can graduate to this more challenging device. It uses the same concept as the Isokinetics board above but is geared more towards developing agility and balance for performance and injury prevention.

By using it to get your stabilizer muscles stronger and improving overall balance and muscle coordination you not only improve your performance in sports but also help prevent injuries from occurring.

This j/fit balance board is made from birch wood and has a layer of non-slip material over the wood. This makes it durable and sturdy at the same time offers your shoes or feet traction to stay on it.

With a 16” diameter, the the angle of balance with this board is fixed at 14 degrees. You can’t adjust it since the balance point on the under side of the surface is fixed to the board.

The round shape of the balance point plus the higher degree of its angle makes this a more challenging device to use compared to the Isokinetics wobble board above.

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Best Balance Boards

Indo Board Original Training Package

If you’re a surfer or skateboarder who wants to improve your balance ability while on the surfboard or skateboard then this is a good device to train on the ground or at home. You don’t need much space and you can easily practice with it.

You can use the Indo Board for training your balance and motion as well as improve sports performance.

This is a very well made device that includes very cool looking and elegant designs. All in all, there are 13 different color combinations that you can choose from for this Training Package. The entire set includes:

  • the board (deck)
  • a roller to put under the board
  • the cushion
  • a DVD that includes a demo
  • a poster illustration workouts

If you only want the roller then you can opt for the Indo Board Original with Roller package instead. This one only includes the deck (board) and the roller, with none of the other accessories.

We do however recommend this Training Package, specially for beginners and some intermediate users. The reason being it includes the cushion already. You can use the cushion instead of the roller. It is much easier to balance with as it slows down the movement and isn’t as firm as the roller, nor as high.

The cushion helps you build balance and get better while being safe, before moving on to the higher, firmer roller.

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Fitter First Bongo Board

For something more affordable, this balance board lets you enjoy it for play or improving overall balance whether for surfing, skateboarding or injury rehab. The board isn’t as wide and it longer than the Indo Board. This makes it shaped more like a skateboard physically.

The unit comes with a roller and an undercarriage with stops on both ends. The stops control how far you can roll to one side so you can quickly shift your weight to the other side to roll back.

This is a great way to improve your balance as well as core strength and stability. It likewise helps train coordination and reflex action so your limbs can respond faster to any slight movement.

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