Play Time! Best Baby Gym Reviews

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One of the most fascinating things anyone can experience is the discovery and development of a child’s mind and body. The best baby gym lets your child develop their different senses from touch, to vision to hearing.

All their senses are stimulated by the different moving objects, colors, shapes and even sounds. This fun activity not only lets them learn play time but also grow.

In this article, our reviews focus on baby activity gyms. We do have a separate article that focuses on baby play mat reviews. Those are specifically on mats without the gym and hanging toys overhead.

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Selection of baby gyms your child can you to develop their brain and motor skills


Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym, Vintage Boy

This is a great portable baby gym that you can use at home or bring with you anywhere. The device easily folds into a small cylindrical shape to make it easy to fit into your carry tote to bring away from home.

This activity gym comes with a soft polyester surface that is designed like a quilt. There are numerous square patches each of which have different styles and designs.

This particular one is the Vintage Boy style which features some toy animals as well as various colors and patterns.

Infantino however, offers 6 different styles so you can choose which ones to get for the little one. These include boy’s and girl’s selections that cover various themes from animals to the pond to gems and also safari.

The different colors and patterns in on the mat helps baby’s visual development in recognizing shapes, patterns as well as colors. They also offer a soft area where baby can roll around and move.

On the top bar, there are hanging soft toys that baby can reach, bat or play with. There are different toys on each style depending on the theme that you pick.

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Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym

Best Baby Gym: This is out top pick because it offers the most in terms of fun as well as child learning development. This is like bringing baby’s crib toys to the floor in the form of a mat.

This baby gym comes with a nice floor quilt and borders that are silky. The soft material makes it fun for baby to roam around and discover all the different thing on the play mat surface.

The gym is animal and nature themes as there is the sun, river and grass. It also has a number of animals like the zebra and monkey in the design.

Above the mat are the arches that are covered with handing animals in the form of soft toys. These let baby play and discover thing. There are also moving leaves at the very top.

What makes this item unique is that it comes with music and interactive sounds along with the moving parts, toys and beautiful prints.

The top control lets you select from different sounds and music that help develop their auditory senses. In all there are 10 different interactive activities that baby can enjoy. There are not only fun but also stimulate baby’s senses so they develop faster.

We love that this not only helps with visual, auditory and touch but also stimulates hand eye coordination and motor skills.

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Infantino Grow-with-me Activity Gym and Ball Pit

Baby Gym That Converts into Ball Pit: Don’t like just having the traditional activity gym that similar to the others, try this one.

This Infantino baby gym is very similar to the other gyms we’ve featured so far. It comes with a very well designed and colorful quilt surface that lets baby learn and discover colors, while serving as a soft cushion surface they can lie around and play in.

It also offers the arches where soft toys hang. Of course the theme of the toys and the prints are different, from the other products.

What makes this item unique is that it converts into a ball pit. Yes! A ball pit.

The unit is in the shape of a turtle, with its head on one side and the arches serving as the shell. The 4 edges of the arches are the turtle’s feet.

The turtle head isn’t just there for decoration. And while it does look very good, it also serves to store 40 different colored balls for the ball pit.

You can detach the ends at attach the mesh to the legs of the arches to raise a mesh railing. This serves as the boundary of the ball pit. Once that’s ready, it’s time to release the colored balls into the pit so baby can play.

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Tiny Love Lights and Music Gymini Activity Gym

This is another mini baby gym that offers both music and lights. These add to the other toys and designs that are on the mat and the arches.

The device offers a total of 15 different activities that baby can engage it. They’re great fun but also help develop their different senses.

This device comes with 2 music modes that you can control. It can be set to continuous music or to where baby is the one activating it. We like the second one is it helps them learn how to reach to stimulus.
There are electronic lights as well as music to help baby’s senses discover new things. The mat also lets baby crawl, roll and play as they look around to get from one toy to another.

Included in the gym are fun animals like the giraffe rattle, a monkey, elephant, parrot as well as a large mirror for them to see who they are and help their brains process the concept of our reflection.

This Tiny Love gym also folds up to make transferring locations as well as transporting it easy. The mat is machine washable to make it convenient for cleaning.

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Baby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Play Gym

With Removable Lights and Melody Player: Measuring 32” by 32” in area, this is another fun gym for baby to play with. The feature we love most in the clip on star on top of the play mat and gym.

The star can be removed from the product you can attach it to baby’s crib as well as their stroller. The star isn’t just for decoration, we like it because it offers electronic lights as well as plays 8 different tunes. Better yet, it is motion activated by baby.

This gym features hanging toys overhead that baby will love. They’re great for touching, batting around and reaching for.

The mat meanwhile is made from polyester and has sewn in loops for toys. It is a soft surface you can have baby play with that’s both very colorful and something that will let them learn new things.

You can use the plat mat right on the floor or place something softer underneath like a blanket or extra layer of cushion. This makes sure baby is on a soft surface even if they slip or roll.

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A child’s brain development goes so fast that using every opportunity possible helps them get smarter and learn better. Baby activity gyms are a great way for them to build their hand eye coordination skills as well as their motor and sensory skills. All the while having fun and letting you spend more time with them.