Bath Time! Best Baby Bath Seat Reviews

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Bath time is often difficult with very young kids as they can move around quite a bit. With water and soap being slippery, safety is always the utmost concern when bathing young children is concerned.

The best baby bath seat keeps baby secure in place, so they’re safe during cleaning time. These bath tub chairs also make it easier on parents since their children aren’t moving around as much. This makes giving baby a bath less troublesome and less messy as well.

Below our reviews cover different types of baby bathing seats. They come in different forms, with some being less conventional in form.

Here they are.

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Listing of mini seats that will help baby during bath time


Angelcare Bath Support

Best Baby Bath Seat: Not your traditional baby seat for baths, this is a specially designed support that keeps baby secure at all times. The unit has a curved surface that lets baby rest on. Its contours make it comfortable to use and are designed to fit young children.

The angled shape also makes it easy to wash your child at the same time keep their head above any water. This device is made for use in the bath tub.

Designed for kids up to 30 lbs. in weight, the surface of this bath support is filled with holes and vents. These allow all the water to drip down into the bath tub so there’s less drying and maintenance once bath time is over.

The mesh style surface also makes it more hygienic and prevents mildew from forming as it doesn’t hold water. This draining feature also makes drying this lightweight, plastic baby accessory much quicker and more convenient. It comes with a hook so you can hang it on any beam or horizontal pole in the bathroom.

We also like that the bottom of this bath seat has a non-slip surface. This keeps the seat in place at all times and prevents is from sliding while baby is on it.

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Fisher Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub

If you’re looking for a traditional bath seat that comes with the tub, this is a great choice to get. We love it because it grows with your baby from infancy till they are able to sit on their own.

This Fisher Price baby bathing products includes all the different seats in our review here allowing you to purchase 1 product to cover baby’s infant years all the way till they become a toddler.

  • In stage 1: it lets you use the mesh sling that’s similar to the Summer Infant product below in our review. This lets baby stay in place and not slide off during their earliest years.
  • In stage 2: you can use the slight incline of the tub to put the baby stopper. The baby stopper is a soft, non-slip pad that lets baby lie back in a reclined position.
  • In stage 3: when baby can sit up a bit but still unable to do so on their own, you can use the small baby bath seat that Fisher Price calls the “Sit Me Up Support”. This little seat fits into the contour of the tub so baby can sit on the seat comfortably.
  • In stage 4: when they no longer need the seat, you can remove the bath seat and let them sit upright on their own in the tub.

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Summer Infant Mother’s Touch Deluxe Baby Bather, Blue

Portable Baby Bath Seat: Very similar to the Angelcare Bath Support above, this baby bather lets your child rest on it the entire time. However, instead of having a plastic mesh this one uses fabric. The fabric offers more comfort for baby, plus there’s extra cushioning in the headrest area.

This allows your baby a safe bathing environment as they’re always in that same spot.

The Summer Infant Baby Bather is a small device that can be used both in the bath tub as well as the sink. It also lets you set it to 3 different recline positions by easily changing the where the stand goes.

The difference in the material of the surface however, does make a difference when it comes to drying the device and what happens over time.

The meshed fabric on this unit makes it longer to dry compared to the Angelcare unit. We’ve also noticed that after a few uses the fabric may stretch slightly. This is one reason why we have the Angelcare bath seat at the top of our reviews. Neither of these issues affects it due to the material it uses for the bathing surface.

The one biggest advantage of this baby bather is that it folds up to a very small form. This makes it very portable and something you can easily bring along when traveling with your young child.

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Babymoov A022001 Babies’ Bath Seat with Ring Aqua-Blue

If you’re looking for a traditional bath seat, this is a great choice to get. The device is simple and allows baby to sit upright in place while you give them a bath. The unit comes with a bottom that is built for sitting on.

The curved seat allows baby to sit in the device comfortably, while the t-bar in the front lets them put their legs through so they sit in the correct position. We like that the device is a self-contained unit. All you need to do is place baby in the chair and the guard rails and back rest keep them sitting up at all times.

This a plastic device making it work very well in water. It also dries easily thanks to it.

The one thing to note is that while there are suction cups at the bottom of the device to keep the chair planted on the floor of the bath tub, those don’t work too well. So it doesn’t really stick too well in place.

Other than that this is a great bathing accessory that keeps baby in place and having fun with the toys while you have an easier time washing them.

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Keter Baby Bath Tub Ring Seat

This is another conventional baby bath seat that contains the entire seat with back rest and supports. The seat allows baby to stay upright the entire time and makes it easier for you to wash them.

It comes with a toy rack in the front so baby can play with the splash toys. While it lets baby have fun, the chair also keeps them secure so they don’t slip or move around too much while bathing.

The unit is rated for children who are between 7 and 16 months old. It has a weight capacity of 28.6 lbs.

Available in green color, this seat is built from plastic making it easy to clean and dry after you’re done using it. This helps keep it hygienic for the next time baby needs a bath.

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With a good baby bath seat, bath time can be made more convenient, not to mention safer as baby stays in the seat so you’re able to give them a thorough wash more easily.