Best Ankle Brace for Soccer: Stay Injury Free on the Pitch

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Soccer is one of those sports where you want to keep your shins, knees, ankles and feet protected at all times. With opponents kicking and sliding at you, the best ankle brace for soccer helps prevent any unwanted injuries.

These help stabilize your ankle and keep it aligned so you don’t turn it. It also helps prevent sprains or at least limit their effects should you twist your ankle or happen to step on an opponent’s foot.

Our reviews of soccer ankle braces below give you some of the top performing supports that will help you avoid injury, so you can stay in the pitch.

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Selection of ankle braces for soccer players to keep them on the pitch and not the bench


McDavid 195 Deluxe Ankle Brace with Strap

For maximum ankle protection while you’re on the pitch, the McDavid 195 offers double layer support. It offers the tie on laces as the first protective layer. Then, over that you have an extra strap layer for insurance.

The strap is adjustable using a Velcro connector in the end. This allows you to set it to give you comfort and support, without being too tight. It is tied in a figure 6 formation that’s similar to what athletic trainers use when they wrap ankles with tape before the game.

Using durable, but soft fabric, this ankle brace is comfortable to wear and does not irritate the skin. It also allows your foot to breathe during the game.

Offered from X-Small to X-Large, McDavid offers a sizing chart based on your foot size. This lets to easily choose what’s right for you.

Compared to the other products in our best ankle brace for soccer reviews, the 195 Deluxe is stiffer due to the extra support and double layer of protection. It is also slightly bulkier when you put on your cleats due to the layering of the straps.

That said, we’re willing to sacrifice a bit of mobility for security. This keeps us away from injury and in the game.

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Mueller Black Soccer Ankle Brace

Designed primarily for soccer (football) this ankle support brace offers more mobility as it does away with the overlaying straps that the McDavid above uses.

It is also has a shorter extension in the foot section so there’s more control and mobility with the ball and middle of your foot. This allows you to control the ball better on the ground and also when you’re passing or striking.

Compared to the McDavid above, this one is designed for more foot movement. The brace cuts higher going up and less at the bottom.

Fitted with steel springs for support it helps keep your ankle properly aligned with your shin and foot bones. This also helps prevent inversion sprains even when you’re making quick turns or cuts to evade the opponent.

This ankle brace also offers a comfortable fit as it uses fabric that does not rub against the skin or irritates it. The higher design of the eyelets allow you to adjust the laces during the game without removing your cleats. This lets you tighten or loosen the laces based on the fit you need to perform better.

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adidas Adizero Ankle Brace

Made for different sports, the Adizero ankle brace is a good choice if you want to be able to enjoy a fuller range of motion yet have support. It isn’t as still as the others in the list and does not use any laces.

This allows you ankle to move more freely, and is probably the closest you get to your regular foot motion among the products in our list.

The lack of laces and eyelets also make it easier to wear as all you need to do is strap on the Velcro closure. This lets you suit up much faster and spend less time in the locker room changing.

The brace comes with anti-slip sections where the foot gets planted. This helps keep it and you from sliding even during intense sprints and stops.

While it doesn’t offer as much lateral support as the McDavid braces, it helps protect your ankles from rolling over. It also reduces any injury should you happen to step on your opponents’ foot.

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ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis

This is a great alternative to spending your time in the locker room having your ankles taped.

If you don’t have an athletic trainer do the taping, and tape and undo your ankles yourself each time before and after a game, you know how much of a hassle and time spend that is.

This ankle brace offers an easier way, and less wasteful one at that. It helps players who’ve had previous ankle injuries who want to protect themselves. It also works well if your ankles are prone to rolling over as it helps prevent that even during missteps or landing on an opponent’s foot.

This item offers excellent support but isn’t as stiff as the McDavid above. It uses a similar double layer configuration where you have a wrap-around strap over the laces.

The Velcro strap is wrapped using a figure 8 pattern to fully over all the angles.

This product is sold in one style. It is made to fit both right and left feet so you can purchase one and switch between feet should the need arise. Or, you can get 2 and use them as a protective measure on both ankles.

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McDavid Classic Lightweight Ankle Brace

This is a lighter, less bulky version of the McDavid 195 Deluxe. It uses a similar lace up design that offers the maximum level of protection for athletes.

Unlike the 195 Deluxe above though, it does not include the extra layer of straps. This allows it to give you extra range of motion and makes it less stiff around the ankle area as well as the back foot area.

The brace is also less bulky when worn inside your shoes as only the fabric is added to the thickness of your socks.

This is a great choice if you want to be able to move quickly as it offers less weight and also more mobility.

Compared to the other brands, you’ll notice that McDavid extends further up the ankle and further down the foot. This provides extra support. It also uses more eyelets and laces that cover more area.

For this reason, if protection and injury prevention is your main concern, choosing the McDavid products are a good way to go.

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In sports, protection is part of the game as injuries can happen anytime. Having a good ankle brace helps you avoid lower leg injuries that can take you out of the game. While they may limit your range of motion by a bit they’re well worth it for health reasons.