5 Best Affordable Elliptical Trainers for Burning Calories at Home

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The closest alternative to using treadmills, elliptical machines offer the advantage of giving us a low impact cardiovascular workout. The best affordable elliptical trainers make it even easier for us to have our own machine at home to use anytime we want for how long we want.

This definitely beats having to make time to travel to the gym, possibly wait in line for the machine and then take another commute home. It also eliminates the need to pay for any recurring gym membership fees.

The elliptical reviews below cover a wide range of different products with one being a mini elliptical trainer and a couple being combo machines where they offer an exercise bike feature along with the elliptical.

Hopefully, you get to find something that will fit your fitness needs at home.

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Compilation of elliptical machines for low impact, cardio


Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

Best Mini Elliptical Trainer: It isn’t your regular sized elliptical trainer but offers a similar striding motion. This is a smaller, more compact version of the complete elliptical machine with only the mechanism included and not the entire frame. You can say it is an elliptical version of the mini stepper.

This is perfect if you want something that’s much cheaper and easy to fit in the home. It’s low height and elliptical motion also allows it to fit under desks so you can workout while you work.

You can likewise use this mini elliptical trainer standing up as it will help you work on your balance while offering a low impact calorie burning cardio workout.

The unit is well constructed with a steel build. It includes large flat base on the front and a horizontal bar on the rear to keep it stable as you exercise. Like the mini step machine, it comes with a tension control knob that lets you adjust the device’s resistance level. A small digital monitor also scans through the basic workout statistics.

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Exerpeutic Aero Air Ellipticals

Cheapest Elliptical Machine: At under $100, this comes in with the cheapest price tag among out best affordable elliptical trainers. Physically, this is another compact unit, though unlike the Stamina In-Motion above, this is a full sized machine and not just the chassis and foot pedals.

The device measures 33 inches long, is 19 inches in width and 46 inches high to the top of the handlebars. Its appearance looks very similar to an exercise bike though it does not come with a seat.

This is a good device to get if you want to avoid any impact forces that running on a treadmill or jogging outside involves. The smooth striding motion lets you avoid any unnecessary impact that the knees, hips and lower back may not enjoy.

As with the rest of the elliptical machines from here on down, this includes a dual motion, where you can train both your arms along with your legs.

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Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Dual Trainer with Seat

Elliptical and Exercise Bike Combo: If you want to have the added luxury of being able to sit down while your legs continue to workout, the addition of a seat is something that you’ll want to get.

This elliptical trainer gives you the advantage of being having both an upright exercise bike and an elliptical machine in one package. With it you can do switch between both machines of different days or extend your workouts by using the bike part of the device once you’re starting to feel fatigue set in.

The seat is adjustable both forward and back as well as up and down so that different members of the family can use it. Compared to the Exerpeutic Aero Air, this is a slightly bigger unit as it is 3 inches longer, an inch wider and 11 inches taller.

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Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine

So far, you’ve probably noticed that most of the machine above look more like stationary bikes rather than ellipticals. There’s a reason for that. The cheaper elliptical machines are built to be smaller, as such they are shorter which makes the stride feel more oval or circular rather than the longer elliptical strides. This makes them look and feel like exercise bikes.

If you want something that gives you longer striding motion yet is still affordable, then this offering from Schwinn is a product worth considering. It has extra large foot plats that make it easy to stay balanced and controlled in, and offers a longer, more comfortable 17.5 inch stride length. It also comes with a more advanced control panel that consists of digital controls as well as speakers.

Another aspect it excels in is features. It comes with 8 resistance levels that you can set using the control panel. This lets you switch up your pace depending on the type of workout you’re doing.

Speaking of workouts, it includes 6 built-in training programs you can choose from as well as a Quickstart program anyone can try out.

For the money, this Schwinn elliptical trainer offers a lot of features that many low cost machines don’t.

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ProForm Hybrid Trainer

Elliptical with Recumbent Exercise Bike: Closing out our best affordable elliptical machines is another unique workout equipment as it combines 2 devices into 1. The ProForm Hybrid Trainer offers both an elliptical trainer as well as a recumbent exercise bike.

It offers a stride length that comes close to the 17.5” of the Schwinn above, and offers 14 levels of resistance along with another 14 personal training programs to switch between. The variety in the resistance combined with the numerous programs allow you the change your routine to keep your body guessing.

With a good sized capacity of 350 lbs. this is something that fits individuals of different sizes. It is specially helpful for those recuperating from injury or can have problems with lengthy workout sessions since you can sit down and rest against the seat while your feet keep on moving. The recumbent exercise bike feature lets those who have prior back injuries continue getting cardio exercise.

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Elliptical trainers may not be as popular as treadmills or stationary bikes. As a form of cardiovascular exercise though, they actually offer your body more as these machines are able to work both your upper and lower parts of your body.