Best Above Ground Pool Cover Reviews

Keeping your pool protected from the harsh winter months is crucial. Properly doing so can mean the difference between one that’s broken down in a couple year’s time and another that’s in good condition for many years.

The best above ground pool cover will make sure that you not only keep debris and unwanted creatures from your pool but also protect it from the environment when not in use.

These accessories may seem like extra unneeded expenses for many, but they are actually important in maintaining a good, clean and working above ground pool.

Our Picks

Below, we list our top picks when it comes to these products. We’ve separated our favorites in to groups. One are the winter covers and the other are solar covers. Each one has its own function and we hope dividing them helps make looking for what you need easier.

Winter Pool Covers

Solar Pool Covers

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Types of Pool Covers

When it comes to covering your pool, there are a few kinds of products available. Choosing which one depends on what your purpose is.

Essentially, pool covers fall under one of three types: the winter cover, the security cover and the solar blanket.

1. Winter Pool Covers

This is probably the most standard of all pool covers for most people. This is especially true if you live in an area where it snows or gets really cold in the winter time.

Winter covers are placed over pools during the cooler months of the year, almost often during the winter. This keeps insects and small animals from getting into the pool. It also blocks leaves as well as other debris from making their way into the water.

Finally, it protects it from snow, the winds and anything else that may drop from above.

These are quite affordable and you can find products that cost between $50 and $100. Though the higher quality ones can cost more up to $250 or above. The price not only depends on material as well as quality, but also on size coverage.

2. Security Pool Covers

Unlike the tarp material used in winter pool covers, these covers use materials that resemble the surface of a trampoline. They also come with connecting straps that are spring loaded. Because of their weight, they are anchored to concreted.

Security covers are often used for in-ground pools. And, they come in either mesh type or solid cover.

The mesh blocks debris but lets rain water or melted snow through. These last longer and have the added benefit of not needing a pool cover pump since no water accumulates on top of the cover.

Solid covers meanwhile, are more protective. They don’t let anything pass be in water, snow or any debris. But, because of this, you’ll need a pool cover pump to get the excess water on the cover out to keep it from weighing over the cover. Or, when you want to remove the cover come summer time.

3. Solar Pool Covers

These provide coverage like the other types of pool covers. However, that’s not their main purpose. While the two kinds mentioned earlier are often used during the winter months, this one is used any time of the year.

Their main purpose is to limit the amount of heat loss from evaporation. Covering the pool with these blankets minimizes the amount of pool water that is lost due to evaporation.

Using one can save you as much as 70% from your swimming pool heating costs.


Best Above Ground Pool Cover Reviews

Solar Pool Covers

Blue Wave Silver 12-Year 18-ft Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

With winter arriving soon, it is time to protect the pool from the harsh cold conditions. This way you don’t get any nasty, unwelcome surprises when it’s time to enjoy the water come summer.

One of the ways you can do that is with this Blue Wave Round Above Ground Pool Cover.

The cover can protect a pool up to 18-feet wide. But, it is 22-feet wide and round for extra coverage.

This is to keep dirt and other debris out. This ensures that there are no unexpected particles that go into your pool. At the same time it keeps little critters or stray animals from getting in as well.

With its 4-feet overlap, it can fit most pool rails. And it even has a cable with a winch to tighten the cover up. This makes it so that the cover doesn’t fly off on windy days and nights, or during storms.

Best of all, the cover keeps out the sun’s rays, harsh ice and strong winds. All these help keep your investment, so your beautiful pool doesn’t become damaged.

As soon as summer arrives, you can remove the 12-pound cover, fold it up and store it away until you need it again. This pool cover should last up to 12 years as designed by the manufacturer.


GLI Aquacover Estate 28-Feet Round Solid Winter Cover System for Above Ground Pools

Another excellent option as far as winter pool covers go is this offering from GLI Pool Products.

This is a good choice when you are in need of al lightweight pool cover that will not rip or fray during the harsh months of winter.

The GLI Aquacover Estate is a round pool cover designed for above ground pools. It is a solid design and spans a coverage of 28 feet. This makes it accommodate a bigger size pool than the Blue Wave winter cover just reviewed above.

This pool cover is made from durable polyethylene fabric. The fabric is doubled stitched. This makes it chemical and sun resistant so it does not become torn or tear with little resistance.

The device even has hold-tite reinforced seams. These help the cover stay on when winter storms bring heavy winds.

This 20 pound cover is easy to pull off when not needed. You can fold it up and put away as soon as summer arrives. And it should last you around 10 years or longer if it is stored away properly between seasons.


Blue Wave 15-Feet Round 8-mil Solar Blanket for Above Ground Pools, Blue

Unlike the first two products in our reviews above, this pool cover is a solar blanket. As such it serves a different purpose compared to the products above.

And isn’t made to be used for covering your above ground pool through the winter.

However, if you are in need of a solar blanket to help heat your pool by at least 15-degrees or more, this Blue Wave offering is a good choice to go for.

This solar blanket spans 15 feet and has a round shape. As mentioned earlier, it is only meant for above ground pools and cannot be used to protect a pool throughout the harsh snowy months of winter.

This cover is strictly meant to help warm your pool up in the cooler times on the months of spring, summer and early fall.

The cover can handle the hottest solar rays of summer. But, if for some odd reason yours does not, there is a 3-year warranty that comes along with it so you can easily replace it.

Best of all, the cover can protect your pool from sun damage to help your pool last longer.