Benefits Of A Home Gym

Working Out

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Are the benefits of a home gym worth the extra cost of buying your own workout equipment? We’ll take on some of the points to consider when deciding between a home gym or a commercial gym.

The Need for Regular Exercise

As we see ourselves sitting more and more during the day, making time to workout becomes more important. Exercise can come in a variety of ways and we can do some very simple things like going outside for a brisk walk or run. In reality, any type of physical activity is good for our bodies so even gardening and cleaning the home are beneficial to our healths.

When people talk about exercise however, the notion of a gym always seems to come up. In this conversation, there are really two options, you can go out and get yourself a gym membership or you can set up your own gym at home.

Both of the options have their pros and cons. In this installment, will focus on the benefits of having your own home gym.

Benefits & Advantages of a Home Gym

  1. You get to set it up based on what you need. This is by far one of the most important things about having your own gym at home. You get to choose what equipment you need and place them where you’re comfortable using them.
  2. You can start with minimal equipment and work your way up as you get hooked on fitness. This saves you from spending money on gym equipment you may never use or when you won’t be using them. As you get fitter and more committed to working out, you can add to the current equipment you have.
  3. It’s always open to you. Whether it’s snowing outside, early in the morning or late at night it is always open to you and your friends and family.
  4. No need to travel, saving you time and travel costs. Since the gym is right at home or at your basement, you don’t need to take a ride or drive to the gym. This saves travel time as well as gasoline expenses.
  5. No need to pay gym membership fees. Gym fees can add up over time, specially if you don’t use it most of the time. A lot of us start out by going to the gym regularly but start missing sessions as life gets in the way, yet need to continue to pay the membership fees.
  6. Privacy. At home you can exercise at the privacy and comfort of your own home. In commercial gym establishments you need to share equipment with others and there are also a lot of lurkers around.
  7. Hygiene. For me, this is one of the things I value most. You don’t have to share equipment with strangers you don’t know. Because you maintain the equipment and one people you know use it you are certain about hygiene.
  8. Anyone can use it anytime. Your friends, family and relatives can use the equipment as much or as little as you want. With commercial gyms only members are allowed to use the facilities. This means if you want to workout with friends they’ll need to pay extra to do that. At home there is no trouble of having training partners or companions as you workout.

Things to Consider

One thing I’ve noticed when it comes to fitness or getting in shape in general, is that people tend to be excited and motivated at the beginning, but have a difficulty maintaining that motivation as time passes.

For this reason, it makes good sense not to splurge of all the nice fancy equipment at the beginning and go practical. Choosing equipment that you plan to use instead of getting the high end expensive home gyms or machines lets you decide in a couple of months down the road if you’re committed to it or not. And if you are, investing more on workout equipment will make more sense then.


Having your own home gym comes with a lot of advantages. By choosing the right equipment that you need you’ll be able to save on time and money. One of the other main benefits of a gym at home is the flexibility you have in terms of schedule. You can exercise at home while watching the kids and workout whenever you have the time to do so.