Benefits of Drinking Himalayan Salt Water


Something that’s been circling around in health circles in recent years is Himalayan salt water. To the regular person, you may be wondering what in the world are we doing with more salt. Isn’t it supposed to be bad?

Well not always.

And this is why we decided to clarify things by explaining the benefits of drinking Himalayan salt water.

But before we get to the list of benefits, let’s get a better understanding of what Himalayan salt water is, where it comes from and what is it for.


What is Himalayan Salt Water?

himalayan-saltHimalayan salt water is also called Himalayan Salt Sole.

Sole, which is pronounced as solay, is basically water that’s been saturated with unrefined salt. In the case above, Himalayan salt serves as the unrefined salt.

We’ll explain how to make it later on, in case you’re interested.

Sole is made and used for its healthy benefits, which we list below. But in order to get good value from it, you need to use good salt. Not the table salt we’re used to.

The reason why Himalayan salt is used in this case is that it is healthier than your regular table salt. Much healthier.

This kind of salt is mined from ancient sea beds. The reason it is used is because it is free from many of the modern environmental toxins that table salt, and now even sea salt have. Additionally, Himalayan salt is rich in trace minerals, with 84 of them.


Benefits of Drinking Himalayan Salt Water

So why even bother with this kind of salt. For one, it shows that when used correctly. And in the proper amounts, salt can actually be good for our health.

Here are some reasons to drink Himalayan salt water on a regular basis.

1. Detoxification and Regulation of pH

There are various benefits associated with drinking Himalayan salt water. For one, this water consists of both minerals and salts that are beneficial to the body.

One of the benefits of Himalayan salt water is that it helps in detoxifying the body since it balances its systematic pH.

Unbalanced pH results in various health problems including weight gains, kidney stones, loss of bone density, and immune deficiency.

Such salt water helps in removing the toxins from adipose tissues and the skin.

The detoxification together with the Himalayan pink salt’s (HPS) mineral infusion makes one to feel energized and refreshed.


2. It Helps Regulate Hydration

Additionally, the consumption of Himalayan salt water also helps in regulating hydration.

It is noteworthy that such water consists of a saturated brine solution of unrefined, natural salt known as Himalayan pink salt (HPS). This solution supplies the body with some electrolytes which helps in regulating hydration process.

Some of the major electrolytes contained in the Himalayan salt include, chlorides ions, magnesium ions, calcium ions, potassium ions, and sodium ions.

Since the body absorbs such electrolytes faster than it absorbs water, the consumption of Himalayan salt water leads to faster hydration.

HPS also consists of approximately 85 percent sodium chloride while other minerals including magnesium, calcium, and potassium accounts for about 15 percent. All these minerals acts as electrolytes that are vital for the regulation of bodily fluids.


3. You’ll Experience Improved Digestion

himalayan-pink-saltThe consumption of Himalayan salt water also improves our digestion process.

The nutrients contained in Himalayan Salt Sole helps in stimulating one’s digestive system and hence promoting the absorption of food by the body. It can also increase the gastrointestinal tract’s ability to absorb various other nutrients.

As such, nutritionists recommend that addition of HPS to table salt can improve the digestion process. Improved digestion makes one to feel less hungry and hence helping one to reduce weight.


4. For Prevention of Muscle Cramps

Drinking Himalayan salt water helps in preventing muscle cramps.

The mains reason behind this is that Himalayan salt contains potassium, sodium and calcium. All of which help in preventing muscle cramps. These minerals act as the necessary electrolytes for proper muscle movement.

A muscle cramp occurs when the muscle remains in a state of constant contraction. Therefore, it is recommended that people should consume the Himalayan salt water in order to prevent muscle cramps especially while engaging in physical exercises.


5. It Helps in Strengthening the Body

The minerals contained in the Himalayan salt water helps in strengthening the body. Such minerals are necessary in maintaining strong connective tissues and bines. They are also vital for proper blood circulation and muscle regeneration.

The Himalayan salt water is important especially for the people who are prone to mental fatigue, broken bones, arthritis, and chilled extremities. Such individuals can consume the Himalayan salt water on a regular basis.


6. Himalayan Salt Water Helps in Lowering Blood Pressure

himalayan-salt-sole-rocksThe consumption of Himalayan salt water can help in lowering blood pressure.

Unlike processed table salt, the natural HPS in the Himalayan salt water helps the body in processing minerals.

Additionally, the body requires less water in order to eliminate the excess sodium.


How to Make Himalayan Salt Water

Now that we know what it is and its health benefits. It’s time to understand how this kind of Sole is made.

To make Sole with Himalayan Salt, all you need to do is:

1. Get a container. This can be a small jar or glass. You can also use a small pitcher if you wish. We recommend using a mason jar so it will be easy to close the top later.

2. Then add the Himalayan salt into the jar. Around 1 to 2 cups will do. Or, if you’re going by measurement, around ¼ of the jar.

3. Add filtered water to fill the jar. Leave around an inch from the top.

4. Put a lid on the jar. Then shake gently.

5. Leave overnight to give the water time to absorb the salt.

6. The next morning check if all the salt has dissolved. If not, then the water has absorbed as much of the salt as it can. Thus, it’s ready for use.

7. If all the salt has dissolved, then add more salt and leave again.

8. Keep adding water or salt as needed.

For those who prefer watching rather than reading, here’s a video that explains the process. The video uses Himalayan Salt Stones instead of those in salt more. You can do use that too, since they’re essentially the same.


To Use the Himalayan Salt Sole

  1. Take 1 teaspoon from the Sole mixture and add to a glass of water.
  2. Drink one glass of this each day on an empty stomach in the morning, before eating or drinking.



Used correctly, the right kind of salt is good for you. As we’ve shown, you can experience a good number of benefits by adding a simple, small regimen to your daily routine.

Himalayan salt water or Sole is a good way of helping your body by drinking water (and salt).


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