13 Health Benefits of Collagen Protein


Collagen is a natural protein that’s present in the body. In fact, it’s the most abundant one we have. Because it does so many things essential to health including keep our skin, hair, muscles and connective tissues in good shape, collagen supplements have been created.

In this segment, we check out the benefits of collagen protein. And, we take a look at how this supplement can help us.


Benefits of Collagen Protein

Below we list down the many benefits of collagen protein. You’ll quickly notice that while collagen is very helpful for our skin, muscles and joints, its effects go much further than that.


1. It Boosts Joint and Bone Durability

Collagen provides the structure of our muscular and skeletal systems. It helps keep our cartilages strong, makes our bones denser and more durable.

Collage protein is ideal after working out or for generating high physical performance output.

Collagen peptides consisting arginine and glycine help the synthesis or formation of creatine, which is known to help the performance of an individual in short spans of exercises.


2. It Helps Slow Down the Aging Process

This is probably what collagen is best known for.

Natural collagen, the protein found in our body is essential for connective tissue health. It is also what allows our skin’s elasticity and lets it regenerate. In addition, our hair, tendons, joints and cartilages depend on it.

Collagen protein has components that promotes:

  • better skin hydration,
  • negates wrinkle build-ups, and
  • boosts the health of skin from outside and within.

To see what it can do, a 2013 study conducted an experiment on 69 women who were treated with either placebo or collagen peptide supplements.

After the 8th week, those who took the collagen supplements displayed significant improvements in their skin elasticity and the moisture quality of their skin.

A similar study was done by the same research time in 2014. This published research this time used an experiment treating 114 female subjects with placebo or collagen. What they discovered was that collagen peptides significantly reduce wrinkles in various parts of the body of those who used it.


3. It Assists in Muscle Building

collagen-proteinIt helps in building muscle faster. This is done by supporting the formation of creatine inside the body.

Arginine on the other hand, is a stimulating component present in collagen.

This nutrient works to promote the release of growth hormones from the pituitary gland, known to add muscle mass.


4. You Get Better Quality Sleep

When taken before you go to sleep, it helps you get better quality rest and deeper sleep.

This is due to the arginine present in the collagen protein. In addition to what’s been mentioned above, Arginine is a compound that helps in the stimulation of growth hormones. It is also a nutrient needed to perform tissue restoration.


5. Collagen Boosts Brain Function

The is due to the glycine content that’s in collagen protein. Glycine is a neurotransmitter that deals with the motor and sensorial pathways.


6. Helps in Weight Loss and Heart Health

Hydrolysed collagen aides in decreasing fats. It also aids in preventing clogged arteries. In addition, collagen helps strengthen our heart muscles.

Our cardiac tissues are made with collagen. And their weakening can expose us to heart disease and other cardia related problems.

Also, collagen melts plaque that is one of the main causes of heart attack. It helps keep our arteries open so that blood can circulate optimally to and from our heart.


7. Collagen Protein Helps Fight Anxiety

Arginine is another compound found in collage. This nutrient not only helps you sleep better and get better quality sleep, it also gives you more energy.

In addition, arginine lessens gloominess or lethargic feelings. It combats anxiety and helps reduce depressive feelings.


8. It Assists with Digestion

hydrolyzed-collagen-protein-powderCollagen aides in the neutralization of unfriendly acids in your stomach.

This is brought about by the presence of the amino acid clycin. It is cyclin that acts to soothe the chemical process happening inside our digestive system.


9. Better Muscle Performance

Muscles gain energy from the breakdown of (ATP) or adenosine triphosphate.

The presence of collagen is needed in order to replace these compounds. This is so that it can provide more needed energy, from creatine.


10. Faster Recovery Time from Injuries

In the same way collagen helps build and support joint and muscles, it contributes to their recovery.

Collagen protein can boost the span of recovery you can get from injury. Cell and muscle development works a lot faster when taking collagen protein as well.

This doesn’t only help when you’re hurt. It also helps between workouts.

During workouts, we cause micro-tears in our muscles. These tears are then rebuilt during our rest days between workout sessions. And that’s when we and our muscles get stronger.

Collagen protein helps increase recovery time between workouts as well so you can get back into the gym or track stronger and fresher.


11. Supports the Detoxification of Your Liver

Glycine is an amino acid that is essential in ridding the liver of harmful toxins.

This is especially helpful after you’ve been to a number of parties and consumed too much liquor. It also helps get rid of all the junk food that we consume throughout the week.

Collagen protein helps hasten the detoxification process.


12. Collagen Protein Protects Us from Inflammation

Most of us suffer from chronic inflammation. This stems from the stress we experience in life, work and relationships. To add to that, our unhealthy lifestyle which involves sitting behind a desk for hours, worsens it.

Finally, there’s the loads of unhealthy ingredients that promote inflammation within our bodies.

By consuming gelatin-rich foods, we can reduce the risk of inflammatory or degenerative diseases. This trait of collagen protein is ideal for senior citizens or those having trouble with arthritis or other inflammatory illnesses.


13. Fights Lactose Intolerance

Okay, fights may be too big a word. But basically, collagen helps alleviate the effects of lactose intolerance. It does this by assisting in the digestion of dairy products, which is a key mechanism that helps anyone who’s suffering from lactose intolerance.


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