The 30 Day Shred Diet: Weight Loss Guide


Looking to lose some weight and eat healthier, check out the 30 Day Shred Diet. This is a diet that’s become popular recently.

It promotes healthy eating as well as elimination of unhealthy foods from your meals. While it’s a great way to lose weight, a lot of people who undertake it benefit from learning about themselves.

They figure out what kind of foods work for them, and which ones help them feel better and maintain weight better.

Unlike some other diet plans out there, this is meant to be a short term one. As such, its name. The month long plan is meant to be an intervention from your current eating habits as well as lifestyle.

It’s also meant to help you increase your energy levels, lose weight and get fitter.


What Is the 30 Day Shred Diet?

This is a challenge that you give yourself to change what you currently eat into a clean diet. A diet that has less calories and fats for the purpose of reducing weight.

It is also meant to get rid of excessive calories and fat along with cleaning your body in a process. So all together, you not only shed some pounds, eat better but also detoxify your body.

jillian-michaels-30-day-shredA 30 day shred diet plan is well devised to cater for the 30 days in a whole month.

The thing is, there’s not exact plan. In fact there are a lot of different plans that revolve around this concept.

  • Jillian Michaels, who’s well known for her work in helping the “Biggest Loser” contestants shed hundreds of pounds, has a version of her 30 day shred diet. You can check it out here.
  • Another popular one is from Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, which they call the Whole 30.

In any case, this kind of diet involves not only eating right but also changing the bad habits so you not only look and feel better after the 30 days, but also leave it with an improved diet and lifestyle going forward.


Weight Loss on the 30 Day Shred Diet

Many such 30 day shred diet plans, usually cut off a large amount of calories and carbs to get into shape. Majority of the people who have used this diet plan have lost a few pounds, built leaner bodies and have detoxed.


Identifying the Diet Plan You Want to Follow

The first step with this plan to choose which one to follow. The two mentioned above are great options. Though there are a good number of other choices as well. You can find a number of them on the internet.

Usually, after you have identified your 30 day diet plan, you start by buying a whole new grocery list. This is because the diet plan will usually consist of different meals.

There are three times to eat during the day though you can occasionally sneak in snacks in-between meals. So the number of meals, including snacks, can go up to 5 to 6 per day.

  • diet-food-smaller-waistlineThe first meal of the day is breakfast which should be well balanced and should be consumed daily.
  • The next meal is lunch.
  • And then supper or dinner, which is often advised that you eat early around five or six in the evenings.

The calories in the meals are usually the same, at around 400. Snacks meanwhile, are usually half of the meals. So in this case about 200 calories. Do note that you’ll want to get the proper amount of calories daily for the target weight you want to achieve. The figures mentioned earlier are just generalizations.

And since each individual is different based on their height, weight, gender and goals, the amount of calories will be subjective to your needs and goals.

Most diet plans usually cater for all types of people’s preferences including vegans and vegetarians.


Don’t Forget to Include Exercise in Your Diet

Exercise is an important aspect of the diet plan.

Workouts are usually strenuous and consistent. If you’re just starting out, make sure to begin slowly and gradually build up over each week.

Going all in when your body isn’t quite ready can jeopardize your workout as well as your weight goals.

Some of these exercises include cycling, walking, yoga, sit ups for the tummy and other cardio exercises. There should be a window to rest and recovery. This is preferably a day or two in-between exercises.

For example, if you exercise from Monday till Thursday and rest on Friday and Saturday and start again on Sunday.


Make Sure to Stay Properly Hydrated

Water intake should be well observed during this period. In a day one should consume six glasses of water since water makes up around 90 percent of the blood in our bodies.

Water should be taken an hour or two before and after meals as advised by nutrition gurus. This will help you feel fuller before as well as aid in digestion after.

If you increase the level of physical activity through your workouts, make sure to correspondingly increase the amount of water you drink.


Results of the 30 Day Shred Diet

diet-weight-lossThe results that should be expected may usually be noticed after two or three weeks.

They include firming up of the body’s muscles, stronger core, tightening of the skin and to some, noticeable toning of the skin. Reduction of waistlines and the abdomen or tummy is also observed. Though this can occur later on.

The diet plans are different in men and in women due to the differences in our body structure, muscle makeup and calorie intake.

Many people who have tried the 30 day diet plan have lost a considerable amount of weight and gotten rid of chemicals via detoxification. These are harmful chemicals that have accumulated from the unhealthy foods we eat, including genetically modified foods such as tomatoes and green vegetables.

For the diet plan to work efficiently, you should stick to the established meal plans and exercise schedules daily to meet set goals. Taking measurements before and after the 30 days is advised so as to able to tell if significant progress has been made.

Such measurements include the chest, waist, abdomen, hips, weight and thighs since the diet plan is formulated as per an individual’s height, weight and body mass index (B.M.I.).


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