Benefits of Honeydew Melons


Melons come in many shapes and sizes. But you’re probably most familiar with the regular melon that comes with a hard exterior and orange colored flesh with seeds in the middle.

In this article we discuss a less common variety of this fruit called the honeydew melon. Particularly, the benefits of honeydew melons.

This lesser known relative of the melon looks similar on the outside. But, it has a much lighter flesh color. It also has a different taste to it.


Benefits of Honeydew Melons

Honeydew melon is a common sight during the summer months. This fruit comes with a refreshing sweet taste. And, it is also light on the stomach. This makes it a good choice when trying to beat the heat or stick to your diet.

It shouldn’t be only a summer staple however, because it has many health benefits. Plus, it is a good source of a variety of nutrients.


It is Low in Calories and Contains Fiber

honeydewHoneydew only contains 60 calories a cup.

In addition, it has a good fiber content. This makes it a good food source if you’re counting calories or you’re trying to maintain or lose weight.

The fiber content, which accounts to around 5% of our daily recommended intake, helps fill you up so you don’t feel deprived. It also aids in digestion and keeping your bowel movements regular.

This way you can avoid constipation.


Vitamins and Minerals

Because honeydew has a high water content and potassium, it helps keep your blood pressure levels within a healthy range.

Each cup of this melon also provides you with Vitamin C and copper. Both of which helps produce collagen and aids in tissue repair.

Honeydew melons also help keep bones strong and your teeth healthy. This is because it contains calcium among its nutrients. This makes it especially good for people who can’t drink milk or don’t like how it tastes.

Eating honeydew helps supplement their calcium intake so they don’t end up being efficient in this essential mineral.

Because of the high potassium content found in honeydew, this fruit is good for hydrating the body and curbing hypertension.

Meanwhile, the fruit isn’t just 90% water. The high water content and potassium amount helps the body regulate its fluid levels, keeping you hydrated. The potassium also helps prevent elevated blood pressure and its unwanted negative effects.


It Promotes Better Looking Skin

inside-the-honeydew-melonBesides helping produce collagen for your skin, the high amounts of Vitamin C in honeydew also helps boost your immune system.

This way, you not only look younger thanks to better looking skin and hair, but also feel good on the inside. You’re not susceptible to getting sick even when you’ve been exposed to people who are.

Honeydew also contains lutein and zeaxanthin. Both of these antioxidants are important nutrients for your eyes.

These nutrients improve overall eye health, which results in better vision. And, just as importantly they reduce your chances for eye related disorders in the future.


Honeydew Helps Regulate Insulin Levels

Due to its properties that help regulate insulin and being low in natural sugar, honeydew can be helpful in treating and managing diabetes.

Honeydew stimulates the production of insulin naturally. Doing so aids in reducing the need for insulin shots. It is also low in sugar, which makes it perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth without spiking blood sugar.

These properties make it something much healthier to chew on for your afternoon snack.


It is Good for Pregnant Women

Honeydew is also recommended during pregnancy. The reason for this is because of its high amount of nutrients.

Pregnant women require more nutrients than they normally would. And enjoying a cup of honeydew is an easy way to get many of them. Women who are pregnant also tend to have lower immune systems. This makes the vitamin C in honeydew helpful for their immunity.


Side Effects of Honeydew

regular-melonsAs with many fruits, there aren’t any major side effects to eating honeydew. One of the few possibilities is unless you’re allergic to it.

If you do find yourself allergic to honeydew, antihistamines can provide relief.

If that isn’t enough, you should see a doctor immediately to make sure you don’t experience any harmful events like breathing blockages.

As with most foods, incorporate this fruit into your diet gradually. Suddenly adding honeydew to your diet may cause you to experience some stomach upset. This is because of adding something that’s high in fiber to your meals. Those symptoms should fade in a couple of days to a week.


Adding Honeydew to Your Diet

Here are some ideas on how to add honeydew to your diet.

You can juice them, making a refreshing sweet drink. Another option to make slices of them, which can be grilled or eaten straight.

If you enjoy something sweeter, you can add a bit of honey to them. You can likewise include them to salads or make a great salsa with them.

There are many ways to enjoy this melon.


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