Wheatgrass Powder vs. Juice


You’ve probably seen or heard about the benefits of wheatgrass. But one thing that you may wonder about this green colored drink is which form is better. Wheatgrass powder vs. juice form. As with many other drinks and supplements, wheatgrass comes in a variety of forms. Two of the most popular you’ll see are wheatgrass […]

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Best Essential Oils for Water Retention


You’re feeling bloated and uncomfortable because your body is retaining extra fluids. And while you can take an over-the-counter diuretic, we prefer you try some of the best essential oils for water retention instead. These alternative to regular medication not only is natural, but it also has less to no side effects. That’s something you […]

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Do High Altitude Training Masks Work?


You’ve probably seen your favorite athlete wearing some type of strange mask while they’re working out. Our question is, do high altitude training masks work? These masks are small easy to use to devices that are designed to improve an athlete’s performance. The purpose of these masks is that by limiting the amount of oxygen […]

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